We specialize in helping homeowners remodel, renovate, or build their dream home to
their exact specifications. We place trust at the center of each of our client relationships and ensure that
the process is handled with the utmost precision and care.

Assistance from Start to Finish

From the start of a project, we provide clients with a multitude of
professional construction services. A detailed proposal for the scope of work is written for all projects
requiring architectural/engineered design plans, interior design, or custom builds. By being in direct
communication with homeowners, we build a foundation of trust and reassurance between us and our
clients, that supports trusted relationships and quality final products.


An Industry Leader

FPC stands out from most other General Contractors in how our job process is
implemented from start to finish. Through our “all-in-one process”, owners are entirely aware of the
progress and plan through each phase of the project. They are made aware of any issues or changes as
they are made – and are completely involved in their project, throughout the entirety of their project.
We understand the impact that comes with having a home turn into a construction project, and our
team practices the utmost respect when working in residential spaces. We pride ourselves in
maintaining a safe and clean work site, always leaving the home feeling like we were never there. FPC is
dedicated to making our clients and their families health, comfort and safety our top priority, and we
are devoted to building trusted relationships that are reflected in our work ethic and quality.


    We conduct an open stream of communication with owners from the start
    of each job to ensure that all project expectations are addressed, and the construction process
    is clearly understood on all fronts. Before the start of each project, we work directly with the
    owners to develop a budget, material list and a job schedule. All architectural/engineered plans
    are thoroughly reviewed before the start of permitting, and all potential delays are clearly
    addressed to the clients as our team works to solve any/all intricate construction issues.


    At FPC, our expert staff monitors each project start to finish so
    owners can be confident that they have received the highest quality work. Each of our Project
    Managers make our strong and proven construction methods even stronger. As a company
    standard, all clients have a direct line to the Project Manager on their job – ensuring trust and
    commitment to our clients. Our team is thoroughly trained in: construction site safety,
    managing multi-layered projects and maintaining streamlined job progress.

  • In-House Team

    We perform a number of key components of the job ourselves, including a
    wide variety of construction work and permitting, which allows us to better control the quality,
    costs and timelines. All of our employees are top in their fields and have a vast range of industry
    knowledge. Having our team immersed in the work ensures that client standards will be not only
    be met, but exceeded. We can confidently say that with our team, the project will be done right,
    the first time, and always with the client in mind.potential delays are clearly addressed to the clients as our team works to solve any/all intricate construction issues.

  • LEED

    We currently have LEED Accredited professionals on staff. As the General Contractor, we can aid with Green modifications and New Builds, providing expertise on the best way to
    incorporate environmentally friendly concepts to our client’s projects. As a company, we are
    constantly seeking ways to make new industry standards that aim to create a harmony between
    Construction and the Environment.

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