At FPC, we differ from other General Contractors in how our job process operates. Our
mission is to build value for our clients. From the start of the job, throughout its duration and into the
final product, we are committed to giving our clients the best possible experience. In an effort to save
our clients time and stress, we have an in-house permit expeditor who will ensure that any required
permitting is handled seamlessly. We are devoted to eliminating unnecessary hassles that come along with construction projects, and handle each project with the utmost meticulousness and dedication.
Through our valued relationships, we’re able to provide our clients with an all-inclusive construction
plan that supports our tested and tried, all-in-one process.

What’s our all-in-one process?

FPC’s all-in-one process is a hassle-free construction plan where we act as your General Contractor, and handle all the other trades and professionals that you deal with during a construction job, so that you
don’t have to. This saves our clients time and energy in the midst of their construction projects. For any
part of a client’s project that calls for additional services, we are able to utilize a multitude of
professional partners. 

Through FPC’s all-in-one process, our clients can address all of their potential job needs. Whether the
needs include: plans, designs, permitting, estimating, materials, physical construction, project
management or inspections – there isn’t a part of a job that Florida Palm Construction doesn’t handle!


After conducting the estimate appointment, our estimator sends out a proposal that
includes a detailed break-down of the scope of work.


After a contract is executed, our team then starts the preparation of a personalized materials and permit documentation that aligns with the client’s proposed project.


For any part of a client’s project that calls for additional services, we are able to utilize a multitude of professional partners.

Established Relationships

All of our established relationships are with highly esteemed professionals, including Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Geotechnical Engineering Specialists, Designers and Trade Specific Contractors.

In-House Specialists

In addition to utilizing our professional partners, FPC provides an in-house Permit Expert, a job specific Project Manager and Skilled Carpenters that are assigned to see each client’s projects through to the end.

Our Process



For Business Owners, Commercial Real Estate Owners, and other clients who have Commercial
Properties, FPC can be a valued partner. While a space is being designed, we can offer logistical
input and feedback for the designer, engineer, or architect regarding the scope of work.

We have a USGBG LEED Green Associate Certified Professional to help clients create ergonomic
and environmentally friendly spaces for their employees or their own business ideals, save on
energy costs, and become more sustainable overall.

We pride ourselves on proactive communication, with the ability to work through changes
methodically and with the entire design team so that the end product best serves our client’s
needs. Every Commercial job has an estimator to work alongside the client during their bidding

Once the proposal is accepted, our clients will have access to our Permit Facilitator, direct
communication with their assigned Project Manager, and work completed by some of South
Florida’s finest Skilled Carpenters.



Right from the start of a project, FPC provides clients with a multitude of professional
construction services. A detailed proposal for the scope of work is written for all projects
requiring architectural/engineer design plans, interior design, or custom builds.

Once a proposal is signed, a job specific material list is sent out to the client. FPC has an
extensive assortment of construction professionals surrounding our team, who are ready to be
utilized. This allows the job to flow into each phase with ease.

Each project has a pre-construction meeting in which the Estimator and assigned Project
Manager walk through the job together with the client, before the start of physical construction.

Once the pre-construction meeting is completed, the physical construction is underway. The
Project Manager will personally oversee each aspect of the project, while staying in constant
communication with the client, from the pre-construction meeting until the final walk through.


Insurance Claims

For anyone dealing with an insurance claim – Florida Palm can help! Our seasoned professionals
can provide an accurate estimate to use in accordance with a Public Adjuster or a Property
Attorney, so that each claim can be best represented.

If a client is unsure of where to turn, FPC can recommend a variety of professionals to help suit
their specific needs. We work closely with various Remediation Companies, Public Adjusters,
Insurance Attorneys, and Insurance Companies.

Our experienced Estimators provide the exact level of detail our clients need to provide for their
claims, and accurately cover all expenses associated with the covered loss. When clients get
through the adjusting process, FPC will be here to help them through the renovation and build

We understand that this is a sensitive and difficult season for our clients, so we are committed
to getting these jobs through permitting, review and rebuild as soon as possible. We have open
communication throughout the job, in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

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