Top Section Text: At Florida Palm Construction, we believe in supporting our community. We are
dedicated to serving and meeting our community’s needs in three major ways:


Foster Family Pro-Bono Program

Supporting Community is a core value at Florida Palm
Construction. One of the ways we strive to serve our community is through our Foster Family Pro- Bono
Program, which provides free services to foster families in need of assistance around their homes.

FPC’s Foster Family Pro-Bono Program was established in early 2019, although it has been a vision of
Florida Palm Construction to be able to give back to the community since the beginning. Fostering holds
a place near to the hearts of the team at Florida Palm Construction, and the entire team has been
excited to be a part of giving back in our area of expertise to families who are actively involved in serving
the community. We are inspired by foster parents and the sacrifice, kindness, and love that they show to
the children in their home. The pro-bono program is a small way to serve these amazing families and
honor their dedication.
Every foster family’s story is unique and inspiring; we look forward to being a part of yours!


Partnering With Local Non-Profit Organizations

FPC has partnered with the Jack and Jill
Center of Ft Lauderdale by providing free services to them in the past. The Jack and Jill Center is a school
for high-need working families. What we love about them is that they don’t just focus on the children in
their care, but on each family as a whole unit. Their mission is to give families the tools they need to
succeed in life, in order to break the cycle of poverty in South Florida. We are honored to support them!

FPC has partnered with Rebuilding Together Broward to set up a day of service for our employees.
Rebuilding Together Broward provides home beautification services for portions of Broward County that
have been neglected, particularly neighborhoods that have many veterans and the elderly. FPC has also
partnered with Rebuilding Together Broward to serve on their board for a major fundraiser in 2020.
Through supporting non-profits like these we commit ourselves to helping this County that we call


Financial Donations

FPC also commits a certain percentage of their profits to charities that we care about as an organization.
Some examples of these are 4Kids of South Florida, Saving Species, The Gunner Martin Foundation,
Hope Pregnancy Center, and the Jack and Jill Center.

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